Harris Teeter E-Vic Deals: Deer Park, pizza, milk

The Harris Teeter e-Vic offers in my e-mail this week include milk, Red Baron Pizza, paper towels and more. The weekend offer that most of us should have is for Deer Park water bottles.  There are also some P&G  digital coupon offers.

There are no freebies this week and the only deal I will get is the milk.

Did you get any great deals in your e-mail?

Harris Teeter has some special deals for their e-Vic members starting on Friday of each week. Check your Friday e-mail from Harris Teeter to see the deals you received. In order to get these deals, you must sign up on their website for the e-Vic rewards e-mails using your VIC rewards card.

Some of these deals are valid from Friday through Tuesday. Some of the deals are only valid during the weekend. Check your e-mail for your specific deals each week. We do not all get the same deals and you can only redeem the deals you receive in your e-mail. Most of us in the Raleigh area will receive the same weekend deals and freebie, though.


Digital Coupon Offers

I received 5 digital coupon offers for various P&G products like Pantene, Gain., Crest, Bounty and Tide. None of them are great deals. The digital coupons have to be clipped Friday – Sunday and you have until Tuesday to use them.

Weekend Only Offers

Weekend Offer (March 17 – 18 ): Deer Park Water, 24 pack, $2.97, limit 2

These deals are valid March 16 – March 20, 2018.

These deals each have a limit of 4.

Gatorade, 32 oz, .77

Fast Bites, 4.62 – 5.5 oz, .87

Harris Teeter milk, 64 oz, $1.27

Red Baron Pizza, $2.77

Cracker Barrel cheese sticks, 7.5 oz, $3.27

Sensodyne toothpaste, 3 – 4 oz, $4.47

Coupons: $1 Harris Teeter digital coupon, $1/ coupon for Rapid Relief variety from 3/11 RP (if included in sale), $1

Harris Teeter paper towels, 8 roll, $4.77



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