NCAA Tournament pits Coach K, Duke against familiar Hurley name

Pittsburgh — The Blue Devils‘ matchup on Saturday pits coach Mike Krzyzewski against Rhode Island‘s Dan Hurley, a last name that Krzyzewski is familiar with.

Dan Hurley is the younger brother of former Blue Devil point guard Bobby Hurley. While for 40 minutes on Saturday there may be no love lost on the court, there‘s nothing but love between the two coaches.

“I think we feel like we‘re in the same family,” Krzyzewski said.

Their relationship is so close that Bobby and Dan‘s dad, Bob Sr., asked Krzyzewski to induct the elder Hurley to the Naismith Hall of Fame when he got the call — he‘s a 28-time New Jersey State Champion high school coach who helped produce numerous NBA talents.

“You always knew that a player coming from St. Anthony‘s would know how to play, know how to work and know how to be a team member,” Krzyzewski said.



The pipeline from Bob Sr. lead Bobby Hurley to Durham, which begs the question, did Dan Hurley ever get a look too?

“I didn‘t have enough stars, you know, I was probably a three-and-a-half star player, and Duke historically doesn‘t go for those,” Dan Hurley said. “I begged, I just didn‘t quite play well enough. I think there was some token recruitment though, I don‘t even think I got a home visit.

“Or, you know what, let me change that. I eliminated them from my list early on.”​

Dan Hurley ended up at Seton Hall, playing against Bobby Hurley and Krzyzewski in that famed brother-versus-brother Sweet 16 showdown in 1992.

Duke downed Dan‘s Pirates that year on its way to its second National Championship.


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