| A voter‘s dilemma: Who is being genuine about land?

It is becoming more apparent lately that almost all political parties are now talking about the land issue. However, it is very difficult to determine who is genuine about the land issue.

It is very difficult to tell who really wants to give ownership of land to those who are landless. On the contrary, this does not come as a suprise. With the national elections drawing nigh, and political parties must get as many votes as posssible, why not use the land question as  a campagning strategy?

With the growth of the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freeedom Fighters, the African National Congress has lost a lot of ground in the hearts of the voters. Though it (ANC) may have gotten “rid” of Zuma, who was constantly used by opposition parties to vilify the ANC against the voters, the question still remains on whether this is enough to bring voters back to the ANC.

So, as a means of ensuring that the voters will side with the ANC, and knowing very well that people need land, why not promise them the land right before national elections? Why not vote together with the EFF that is loved by the people, in a motion of expropriating land without compensation?

If the ANC votes together with the EFF on the land question, is this not blurring one of the important lines that define the difference between these two parties? Therefore, if the ANC is not different from the EFF on this fundamental land issue, then why would the voters not return or keep their votes with their “long-trusted” ANC?

The land issue must be resolved in South Africa, but the above-asked questions must also be looked into before political parties use people‘s real issues to garner votes. The land question can become a very emotional one for many South Africans. However, after these upcoming national elections in 2019, it would be very unfortunate to discover that it was only a political stunt or a campaigning tool to win the voter‘s heart. 

The question still stands, who is genuine about giving owneship of land to those who need it the most?  

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