| Ashwin Willemse was unprofessional

Well, well, well …. another political storm over rugby….

I must admit that I become immensely annoyed when sport and politics are mixed. What is also noteworthy is the speed at which the sports minister has jumped in – his side already chosen at this ridiculously early stage of the investigation.

I have read a lot of the blogs over this issue and 75% of the comments are polarised: Black supporting black and white supporting white. What has happened to objectivity, making sure one has all the facts before responding with some degree of accuracy and semblance of realism?

Like 99.9% of the public I know nothing about what happed behind the scenes. My opinion though, and it seems to be supported by moderates on both sides of the colour line, is that Ashwin Willemse showed an appalling lack of professionalism that should not and cannot be tolerated. It seems that there was a technical disagreement (which I see often watching the Kiwi and Aussie commentators) that should never have been converted into a race issue.

Sort these types of issues out behind the scenes – I pay too much to Multichoice to have to watch this unprofessional childishness after a rugby match when all I want to hear is expert analysis of the game.  

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