| Ashwin Willemse: We‘re all jumping the gun…

Ashwin Willemse caused a major stir on Saturday evening, after walking off a live post match analysis broadcast, leaving all viewers confused about what was happening.

In true South African style (myself included), we have already taken sides before knowing the facts of what led to the incident.

More worrying though, is the reaction by individuals and organisations who have called for the heads of Nick Mallet and Naas Botha, simply because their rugby careers happened during apartheid.

Without knowing the full story, our sports minister has judged Mallet and Botha to be racist, while ICOSA has called for the boycott of DSTV by non-white subscribers, until “the likes” of Mallet, Botha, Toks Van Der Linde and Kobus Wiese are let go by the pay TV channel.

It is extremely ironic that both the sports minister and ICOSA have decided that this happened because of racial discrimination, yet are baying for the blood of individuals of the opposite race, some of which had nothing to do with Saturday‘s events, because of their own racial prejudice.

Perhaps there should be consequences for public figures and organisations who jump the gun, to gain popularity and political favour. It might serve as a lesson to those who would otherwise use situations like this, for their own selfish agendas.

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