| Confusion in a racist country

I write to you as an extremely confused citizen of our country and a member of the white race.

As a white person in our new democracy I have to bear with article upon article that reprimands me to stop being racist in either a direct or indirect manner. In the same token I have to listen to racist commentary from certain politicians and journalists that generalise the white population and portray this commentary as “the fight againt racism and setting right of the past”.

The irony of the situation is that racism is now promoted and practiced by white, black and coloured people and that no amount of racist commentary or actions could ever right the past. 

There are no colour criteria for being a victim of racism. People feel the pain of a racist action regardless of the colour of their skin. There are also not a colour criteria for being a racist. Let us be absolutely clear that you can consider yourself a racist if you‘re prejudiced against any race or person and your actions, accusations or words are influenced or aimed at your victim‘s race whether you are white, black, pink or purple.

When columnists and politicians portray white people in general as racists they are obviously committing a racist act. You cannot judge a race in general as our race does not determine who we are or what we do.

This is the exact practice that were promoted by the apartheid system.

I acknowledge and accept that people of colour suffered terribly under this regime but if we preach the advancement of a non-racial democratic South Africa we have to practice this as well. You cannot be a racist on the one hand and a champion for human rights on the other hand.

For us as a people to go forward from here we will have to see each other as human beings only. No person or race should be subjected to discrimination or racism.

Each and every one of us should have a long hard look in the mirror. Unfortunately there is a possibility that you might see a racist looking back.  

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