| Did race have anything to do with Willemse‘s actions?

There are a lot of opinions flying about regarding the Ashwin Willemse saga. Every single one of them is making some kind of assumption as to what the individuals involved were thinking or what their intentions were.

In every instance these assumptions are based on some form of racism. Could it be that despite Ashwin‘s on air tantrum he may be in the wrong? Could it be that just maybe he was put on the spot by he fellow commentators because he is frequently tardy and unprepared and that the older guys on the program just wanted to teach him a valuable lesson, one that Ashwin should have learned a long time ago?

Talent will get your foot in the door but it is only through hard work and dedication that you will prevail in your job. Could it be that he lashed out and made a scene on live TV to hide the fact that once again he was late and ill-prepared for his duties?

If we could just take off our racial blinders for a second, we will probably find, at the end of this saga, that in this day and age people can be wrong regardless of their race and that sword cuts both ways.

In closing I just want to mention that the whole racial tone of this sage was instigated by Ashwin himself and from his outburst it is clear that he has deep seated inferiority issues. There will always be people with better credentials that you. There will always be people that will think they are better that you. We should learn that giving respect and credit where it is due does not diminish our own image.

My personal opinion is that this issue could have and should have been handled off air like adults addressing a problem through the proper channels, like the HR department of Multichoice.

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