| Joburgers, be kind to one another, campaign urges

A Johannesburg organisation is going out of its way to make sure that citizens are kinder to one another.

The organisation has put up adverts on lamp posts and billboards with messages that will surely warm motorists‘ hearts.

“Call your mom.”

“Tell someone they look great.”

“Just be kind.”

These are just some examples of the adverts scattered around the city.

The organisation‘s spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous, told News24 that it did not want to be identified because it did not want to be associated with a particular brand.

Countrywide rollout

Speaking about the campaign, the woman said the aim was to make the city a more caring one.

“Imagine you walk into the office and you see someone feeling down and you are sweet to them. It changes the environment in the office.”

She said the boards should be a reminder to take a step back and be more considerate of others.

“We want to run the campaign without anyone associating us with any brand. The campaign is really about doing good. If you are in traffic and you see the advert, ‘Call your mom‘, you will think about your mom and call her and that would make her day.”

She said the campaign, which was rolled out in the middle of March in Johannesburg, would soon be rolled out all over the country.

“We want to make other cities kinder as well. It is all about thinking about others and creating a ripple effect to make a better society,” she said. 


A Johannesburg organisation has gone out of its way to ensure that people are kinder to one another. (Amanda Khoza, News24)


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