| ‘Land invasion‘ turns out to be peaceful housing protest – law enforcement

What was initially thought to be an attempted land invasion was found to be a peaceful protest on the need for housing, the City of Cape Town confirmed on Saturday.

Police responded when roughly 200 people were thought to be invading a vacant piece of land in Grassy Park, with authorities being deployed to monitor the situation.

According to police, residents had invaded the piece of land between Prince George Drive and Walmer Street in Parkwood with the possible intention to occupy the area.

But Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said the activity was found to be a peaceful protest to “demonstrate their housing need”.

“The structures erected are reportedly symbolic and [would] be removed after their demonstration. They will hand over a memorandum,” he said.

A similar protest had apparently been held last week by the group, and police and law enforcement had been engaging protest leaders on the legality of the action, Dyason added.

In a separate protest, tyres were burnt and rocks had been place on Prince George Drive in Vrygrond on Saturday.

Dyason said it was believed that a group of about 10 Expanded Public Works Programme workers aggrieved about their salaries were behind the protest.

He on Saturday night said authorities were also responding to a housing protest in Vrygrond, where a club house in St Patrick Street had been vandalised.

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