| Racial slurs and imprisonment: Is Julius next?

So while Vicky Momberg is set to don the orange South African prison overalls shortly for her childish racist rants, it makes me wonder: “When will it be Julius Malema‘s turn – if ever?”

You see, according to www.dictionary, the definition of a racist is: “a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one‘s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

Read that again carefully and note that “a person” is mentioned without a mention of race or colour! Yes – ANYONE / EVERYONE can be racist – not just the paler folk. It makes no mention whatsoever of which race – i.e. an Eskimo can be a racist towards a South American Indian just as easily as a white South African can be racist towards a black South African…or VICE VERSE.

The difference between Vicky and Julius however, is that whilst Vicky‘s rant was clearly unwarranted and caused the degrading of another human being – which should never be condoned – it can be taken as fact that the chances are that Julius‘ rant in turn most probably caused people to die!

You see, chanting “kill the boer, kill the farmer” can be construed as a direct order – especially from someone who has influence over at least 6% of the voting caucus. Just in itself, the term boer immediately isolates a single racial group and specifically a single people – The Afrikaner. No other group can claim to be a “boer” as this term is reserved for white, Afrikaans people in South Africa (you won‘t find them anywhere else on the planet). 

So now I ask you, does it not make Malema complicit to the murder of several white South African farmers as those orders were carried out on his “command”? 

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