| Ramaphosa‘s first 100 days: a calm and confident captain

Mr President, you came to power during a great crisis. The economy was a mess. The South African public had lost all confidence in government and public institutions. Corruption and outright theft were rampant. The rule of law had failed.

Sir, you have not magically solved these problems in the first 100 days. Nobody expected you to “pull off” a miracle like this.

What you have done is show that the ship of state now has a calm and competent captain. You have shown honesty and fairness. You have been calm and thoughtful. You have restored domestic and international confidence in South Africa.

You are starting to show a good vision for a South Africa with prosperity, equality and where the rule of law is supreme. You get a provisional 8/10. Please keep up your good work!

* See how President Ramaphosa did in his first 100 days in office on .

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