| Sandton lawyer apologises after getting caught dumping family dog

The man caught on camera disposing a dog carcass in a quiet suburban street in Sandton has apologised following a massive social media outcry.

Attorney Adam Anderson apologised after footage of him opening the boot of his Mercedes Benz and dumping family dog Mbali on the street was viewed more than 135 000 times on the Sandton Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Facebook page.

“I have acknowledged that I was completely wrong in disposing of the body of Mbali as I did. I have expressed, and I continue to express, my sincere regret and remorse for my unacceptable conduct,” Anderson said in a statement.

“As a means of apologising, which I know is not enough, I offered to assist the SPCA in various ways including community service and initiatives promoting the values and rights that the SPCA strives to uphold. I am aware that my apology will not change the facts. However, I hope that my future conduct and actions will show how truly sorry I am. I will continue to co-operate with the SPCA.”

Sandton SPCA named and shamed the attorney and inspectors were sent to question Anderson on the incident. However, he was unavailable at the time.

General manager Jaco Pieterse said that there was no proof of animal abuse or contravention of the Animals Protection Act, however, the act of illegal dumping still stands.

‘No excuse‘

“The Sandton SPCA wants to send a clear message that no form of animal cruelty will be tolerated, and that we stand firm with our mission to prevent cruelty to animals,” he said.

Anderson received backlash from animal lovers on Facebook.

“No excuse for this callous despicable behaviour. Hefty fine needs to be paid to some animal welfare and numerous hours of working free for them,” a Facebook user said.

Another said: “What sort of human being could just dump their deceased pet in a neighbourhood road and in such an awful heartless, cruel manner. A leading member of the legal fraternity – unbelievable.”

Pieterse condemned any threats made against Anderson and his family.

“We appreciate the outcry and support we have received in this matter. The Sandton SPCA does not condone the actions by the family, but also does not condone threats of violence to any individuals.”

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