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No sign of Mugabe at Zimbabwe parliament hearing

A Zimbabwe parliamentary committee gathered on Wednesday to hear evidence from former president Robert Mugabe, but there was no immediate sign that he would attend.

Lawmakers want to question Mugabe over his 2016 claim that the country had lost $15 billion in revenue due to corruption and foreign exploitation in the diamond sector.

The parliamentary schedule said Mugabe, who is 94 and in frail health, was due to give oral evidence but that his attendance was still to be confirmed.

Mugabe was not present on Wednesday morning as the committee met to start the hearing at 09:00 and there was no extra security at the parliament building in the capital Harare.

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WATCH: Grace Mugabe ally arrives back in Harare after 6-month exile

A political ally of former first lady Grace Mugabe has landed back in Harare six months after he fled into exile in South Africa.

A short video clip shared on social media on Tuesday showed Saviour Kasukuwere dressed in a blue suit and wearing a leather cap outside the arrivals section of Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

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“Very good, I‘m very happy,” Kasukuwere said in response to a question from a journalist who asked how it felt to be back in Zimbabwe.

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Superstition stopping Ebola victims from seeking medical care

Health workers fighting Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo have run into an invisible but powerful hurdle – a belief system that deems the disease to be a curse or the result of evil spirits.

Some people are refusing medical care and turn instead to preachers and prayers to chase away the threat, they say.

The pastor of an evangelical church last Wednesday died several days after he “prayed” for an Ebola victim who went to him for help, a doctor said.

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LISTEN AND WATCH: Young Nigerian, lynched, burnt for snatching a bag

A taxi driver in a Nigerian city has given an account of how he witnessed the lynching of a young man who was caught after stealing a bag.

According to , all over the world, there are cases when ” petty criminals who are caught red-handed are attacked rather than being taken to the police”.

In this particular incident, the taxi driver said he watched helplessly as the young man was burnt to death.

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Kagame, Macron meet to ease tensions over Rwanda genocide

Rwandan President Paul Kagame will meet French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday as they seek to improve bilateral ties after two decades of tension over the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

France has admitted mistakes over the genocide but denied Rwandan accusations it was complicit in the mass killings through its support of ethnic Hutu forces who carried out most of the slaughter.

More than 800 000 lives were lost during the violence, most of them ethnic Tutsis and some of them moderate Hutus.

Kagame, who is also the current president of the African Union (AU), will meet Macron before they give a joint statement, according to the Elysee.

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