| Violent protests over housing erupt in Parkwood in Cape Town

Violent protests over housing have erupted in Parkwood in Cape Town, the City said on Sunday.

Describing the situation as “extremely volatile”, the City’s law enforcement inspector Wayne Dyason said that some from the crowd of protesters had thrown petrol bombs and also hurled stones at police officers.


Prince George Drive has been closed between Hyde Road and De Waal Drive, and a local councillor in the area has been removed from his home for his own protection.

Dyason said that the situation began on Saturday when a group invaded some public, open space and put up pegs and structures.

‘Reneged on agreement‘

Apparently this was meant to be a “peaceful protest” over housing needs.

When the City informed the people that their actions were illegal, they promised to leave after handing over a memorandum to the local councillor.

“They reneged on this agreement,” said Dyason.


More people then moved onto the land overnight. When the City intervened, some protesters became violent.

Dyason said that by Sunday late morning, there were approximately 1 000 protesters.

He added that the situation remained “tense”.

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