| ‘You messed with the wrong b****‘ – Pretoria woman‘s rant goes viral

An enraged Pretoria woman, who appeared to have lost her temper, hurled insults at police who attended a scene that appeared to have been an altercation with her and another woman.

Police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller said they were aware of the incident that occurred in the Lyttelton area. 

Miller said they were busy with external and internal investigations. 

“We are currently busy with an investigation into the matter. Once we have been able to complete our investigation and establish exactly what transpired, we will then be in a better position to comment,” Miller said.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the woman is seen hurling verbal insults at a white woman, saying “she messed with the wrong b****. You will see what happens when you find out who the f*** I am.”

The woman seems to be shouting at another woman that does not appear in the video, calling her an “uneducated c**t”. 

She continues to call her a “piece of white sh*t and retarded white b***h”.

She goes on to say the woman is an “uneducated c**t, just because you are white, you piece of sh*t”. 

Directing her anger at the officers, she tells them that they are all uneducated “pieces of sh*t”. 

She tells the police that, “as for most of us, we have masters (degrees), b***h motherf****r”.

She goes on to say, “b***h, you think this is your mother who sold us for R20… And I am telling you this will be on national television”.

At some stage, the woman is held back by the police, while she continues with her verbal onslaught. 

She then refers to the police as uneducated “pieces of s***.”

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