| Joburg gears up for IAAF‘s global Run 241 event

Cape Town – Registration remains open to all enthusiasts for the June 6 IAAF Run 24:1 at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in the central business district of Johannesburg.

The event, which will be hosted through by Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA), is part of a series of 24 one-mile runs that will be contested around the world on 6 June to celebrate Global Running Day, an initiative which is in its third year.

Global Running Day is a grassroots initiative where people of all abilities and from all paths of life come together to celebrate their passion for running and inspire others to get moving.

The event incorporates races to be held in two dozen cities across 15 time zones that will each start at the same local time to create a ‘simultaneous’ worldwide celebration of running.

“As part of the global movement of athletics, we are delighted to be a host of the Global Run. The opportunity to host a Mile Race is very much welcomed and will use this initiative from our global mother body to promote mile running in our country.

“We encourage people to continue to register or the run which is opened to all ages and to everyone as we now countdown to the 6th of June in the heart of the biggest and busiest city in Africa,” said Aleck Skhosana, the President of Athletics South Africa. 

Further information on the event is available at: 

Participants must register before Thursday, May 31 and running bibs will be issued no more than one hour before the start of the race at the starting point.

Registration can be done through the following link: 

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