| K-word rugby drama: 13 witnesses called to testify

Cape Town – The Golden Lions Rugby Union’s disciplinary committee will hold an official hearing after alleged racial abuse took place in a club game last month.

The incident occurred during an under-21 match between the Wanderers and Roodepoort rugby clubs on Wednesday, April 25.

Wanderers released a statement claiming that racial and verbal abuse was directed towards their players by Roodepoort spectators and players.

They also claimed that Roodepoort players used the k-word towards black players in their team.

Roodepoort hit back by saying their own internal investigation could not verify any of the claims made by Wanderers.



However, the GLRU will go ahead with a disciplinary hearing scheduled for Wednesday (May 16).

According to , 13 witnesses have been called to testify.

“After receiving statements from all parties involved, a decision was made to prosecute. An official disciplinary hearing will take place at Ellis Park on Wednesday. The alleged incident is viewed in a very serious light,” Pieter Visser, the GLRU’s manager of amateur rugby, said.

Visser added that the case would likely not be solved within a few days.

In an earlier , Lions president Kevin de Klerk slammed the incident and highlighted its seriousness.

 De Klerk ensuring that, if Roodepoort was found guilty, there would be grave consequences.

“Our policy at Lions Rugby is a total zero tolerance on racism. It‘s part of the documents that affiliated members, like the clubs, sign. There will be severe, severe punishment for such actions,” De Klerk said.

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