This minor key version of the Toys R Us jingle might just sum up all of your feelings about the toy giant‘s closing

Toys R Us, it was announced this week, is closing – launching a multitude of emotions among Toys R Us kids and their parents, who may also have been, at one time, Toys R Us kids themselves before having the audacity to grow up.

And, in a new video, Chase Holfelder, Apex dad and YouTube sensation, puts those emotions together in his minor key masterpiece of the very popular jingle that includes lighted candles and, of course, Mr. Potato Head.

Take a listen …

Since posting the video on Tuesday, it‘s received more than 6.7 million views and 147,000 shares. It also got high praise from the creator of the jingle herself, Linda Kaplan Thaler.

You might remember that . From his home, which now includes a green screen and lights and flat white walls, he‘s built a fan base of and earned song credits on shows including “The Deadliest Catch” and “Sunday NFL Countdown” on ESPN. He just collaborated with “The Voice” on a version of new host Kelly Clarkson‘s latest song “Medicine” that features him singing and playing household objects as music. Earlier this month, he performed in Las Vegas during a charity event with Cirque du Soleil and Jewel.

“I know it‘s a bit silly,” Holfelder wrote on his Facebook page about writing the new version of the jingle, “but I couldn‘t resist.”

And, if you love it, he‘s actually so you can wallow in your Toys R Us sadness even longer.

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